EY Realm

A portfolio that fully meets the objectives is crucial for social housing corporations. An increasingly dynamic environment and changing legislation and regulations require effective portfolio management. EY Realm supports you in your strategic portfolio management with knowledge and advanced tooling. The result is an optimal housing and financing portfolio, and you know how much financial resources you have available to carry out your social role.

EY Realm – strategic portfolio management

The primary objective of social housing corporations is to offer affordable housing. In addition, there are various derived objectives: sustainability, quality of life, target groups, quality. These are reflected in the portfolio strategy, together with restricting factors suchas internal KPIs or the financial risk ratios of the regulator. Balancing these (sometimes opposing) objectives and the restrictions make managing the housing portfolio a major challenge.

The composition of the housing portfolio is often based on the analysis of the individual object or complex. The financing is following but restrictive; when (financial risk) ratios are not met, then other portfolio choices are required. By calculating another scenario (and again) a final portfolio is constructed. This process takes a lot of time and the question remains whether the optimal portfolio has been realized.

How can the portfolio be best constructed for the objectives to be optimally realized, taking into account existing constraints? EY Realm offers knowledge, tools and support to construct an optimal portfolio at the strategic level (i.e. complex-transcending) and integrated (i.e. assets ánd liabilities): integrated strategic portfolio management. This means that the composition of the housing portfolio and the financing portfolio is realized collectively. So not endlessly jogging dials and calculating scenarios, but Asset Management and Finance Management that jointly set the starting points for the portfolio. The advanced optimization engine then carries out the complex work and constructs an optimal housing and financing portfolio to carry out the social role.

EY Realm – Real Estate Asset and Liability Management – a modern approach to integrated strategic portfolio management for social housing companies.

Unique tooling

  • full integration of the asset and liability portfolio
  • optimal composition of the portfolio
  • (verses simulated scenarios)
  • maximum social impact

Key features

  • translation of social goals to an optimized asset ánd liability portfolio
  • clear consideration of social and financial return
  • integration of asset and financial management
  • automatic conformity to rules and regulations
  • portfolio composition based on modern mathematical optimization engine
  • maximizes available funds to realize social responsibilities
  • modern dashboarding with clear graphics for continuous monitoring
  • professional reporting capabilities
  • fully configurable based on individual requirements
  • professionalization of strategic portfolio management
  • replaces the inevitable spreadsheet spaghetti
  • basis for cooperation, information sharing, and decision-making
  • real time
  • web based


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